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The enchanting mood boosting art of Elizabeth Grima

Little Liz Happy Art

Hi there art lovers and kindred sparkle seekers


Welcome to the LittleLiz 'Happy Art' website. You have come to the right place to find dreamy, nature inspired art to brighten your home and lighten your heart

"No artwork has ever resonated with me quite like Liz's. It completely draws me in and makes me feel peaceful and happy. Thank you!!"

If you love the great outdoors and miss it when you're home or in your office, then get rid of wall boredom. A whole feast of healing greens, bright flowers and sunshine awaits. 

It's often the little things in life that make the biggest differences to how we feel. My happy paintings are filled with lots of those awesome, tiny, wow moments, that I affectionately call, lifes little sparkles. 

Trees feature in most of my work!

My gallery here is full of original artworks.

Currently non over £1000 and they start from as little as £30 (plus p&p).

 Many of the artworks are painted onto stretched canvas, ready to hang on your wall, without need of extra framing. Others are clearly marked as unframed.

Prints and cards are also available

Thank you for visiting! Take your time to have a nosy about and please save the address, so that you can visit often.

New artworks and new blog posts are added regularly


Copright on all images throughout this website belong to Elizabeth Grima and must not be used without prior permission


"Bought a beautiful picture from Liz . What a lovely warm lady and very talened xx" Anne Almond

"I just want to walk into your paintings You have an amazing talent. I love them" Dawn C Sadler

"I am unbelievably excited. No-ones art has resonated with me like yours so thank you!" Hayley Crook 

"Received my print of Skyward; absolutely love it! Thank you!" Nancy Maitland

"Such a great picture. Thanks so much Liz" Andy James Walker 

"I used to have dreams which looked like this" Sarah

"Wowzers! A truly majestic and splendid painting!! The tree looks like a king of trees! So wonderful Thank you" Vicky Whelan 


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